Eden Brown Synergy has a long track record of recruiting within the revenue and benefits sector and has worked in active partnership with a large number of Local Authorities for over twenty years.

We understand the unique pressures and challenges faced by today’s revenues and benefits sector. From the trend toward increased outsourcing to the introduction of Universal Credit, we have seen the exponential growth of the flexible workforce – a workforce that we understand needs to grow and shrink as demand dictates.

When you deal with an Eden Brown Synergy consultant, you’ll be dealing with someone who is totally focussed on and immersed in the Revenues & Benefits sector. Every one of our consultants is a true subject matter expert in their area of operation and so you’ll find they they’ll be speaking your language from the very first conversation you have.

And our national network of offices means that you will have access to our developed community of some of the most experienced revenue and benefits professionals across the country helping you to plug skill gaps wherever they are – whenever they are.

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